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  • Art After Hours

    Art After Hours

    Rick Morton Art After Hours Engage with an exciting, artist-led program at Art After Hours in association with the International Day of People with Disability. Meet artists from the Little Orange Studio as they present Pandora and share in their artmaking processes. Experience an installation of artworks created by Front Up artists.

  • Jenny Saville Experience

    Jenny Saville Experience

    Jenny Saville Experience British artist Jenny Saville became famous for paintings that render female flesh on a monumental scale. Her canvases, often larger than 6 by 6 feet, magnify the raw details of embodied experience: large, drooping breasts; pregnant bellies and flab; faces smashed against plexiglass, a figure sitting on the toilet.

  • Strange room

    Strange room

    Monica Frulento Strange Room One person’s weird art is another person’s powerful design statement, capable of totally transforming a space. Everything you need to know about the Seattle art scene is in The Stranger. With all its rooms designed by a different artist.

  • Abstraction of the present

    Abstraction of the present

    Artur Fruento Abstraction of the present Abstract art is an essential trend of modern art that started in the 20th century. All the major movements of the first two decades, including Fauvism, Expressionism, Cubism, and Futurism, in some way, emphasized the gap between art and natural appearances.

  • The coast of Spain

    The coast of Spain

    Monica Frulento The coast of Spain Spanish Coast Paintings created by thousands of emerging artists from around the world. The show included nearly 500 works, early paintings as well as recent sun-drenched beach scenes, landscapes, and portraits.

  • Dead or alive

    Felicia Froento Dead or Alive Decades ago, creative scenes were relatively tiny and cliquish, but the ongoing explosion of interest in contemporary art has meant more of everything: more artists; more galleries and museums; more biennials, art fairs, and unconventional projects; more excitement and energy.